About Marcello Musto

Marcello Musto is a Professor of Sociological Theory at York University, in Toronto, and is known globally for his studies on Karl Marx and Marxisms. His publications include four single-authored books, twelve edited volumes, and more than 50 journal articles and book chapters (Google Scholar). His work has been translated worldwide in twenty-five languages and his writings have appeared in dozens of refereed publications from many disciplines.

Over the years, Professor Musto has presented his ideas at over 200 academic events, in 25 countries, and has built an international intellectual network for research partnership and public engagement.  He is the founding director of the Laboratory for Alternative Theories, at York University, and the editor of the book series Marx, Engels, Marxisms (Palgrave Macmillan) and Critiques and Alternatives to Capitalism (Routledge). 

Musto also contributes regularly to the several daily and online newspapers. His writings focus on socialism, progressive social movements, and left-wing political parties.


Marcello Musto
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York University
Department of Sociology
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Research Assistant
Elisa Marcobelli
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Laboratory for Alternative Theories
Talita Yaltırık
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