Marcello Musto

Marcello Musto

Born April 14, 1976, MA in Political Science, University of Napoli - L'Orientale, PhD in Philosophy and Politics, University of Napoli - L'Orientale, and PhD in Philosophy, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, teaches Political Theory at the Department of Political Science of York University (Toronto).

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Karl Marx’s Life, Ideas, Influences: A Critical Examination on the Bicentenary, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019 (xxv + 378 pages).


Since the latest crisis of capitalism broke out in 2008, Marx has been back in fashion and sometimes it seems that his ideas have never been as topical, or as commanding of respect and interest, as they are today.  

This edited collection arises from one of the largest international conferences dedicated tothe bicentenary of Marx’s birth. The volume contains 16 chapters authored byglobally renowned scholars and is divided into two parts: I) On the Critique of Politics; II) On the Critique of Political Economy.

These contributions, from multiple academic disciplines, offer diverse perspectives on why Marx is still so relevant for our times and make this book a source of great appeal for both expert scholars of Marx as well as students and general readers who are approaching his theories for the first time.


“An excellent collection which showcases a lot of the latest scholarship on Marx and his legacy. Comprehensive and incisive, it is an outstanding contribution to its field.”

David McLellan, Professor of Political Theory, University of Kent, UK

“Addressing both the political dimensions of Marx’s work—notably inCapital, which is often neglected from this perspective—and the significance of his contributions through the critique of political economy, this volume brings together internationally renowned figures in Marx scholarship for genuine dialog and rich, well-informed debates. A truly excellent book.”

George C. Comninel, Professor of Political Theory, York University, Canada


مارکس در واپسین سال‌ها (1881ـ1883): زندگی‌نامه‌ی فکری، مارچلو موستو، ترجمه‌ی مهدی صابری، تهران: نشر چشمه، 1398 ،(185 صفحه


مارکس در واپسین سال‌ها مروری است بر سه سال آخر زندگی کارل مارکس. مارچلو موستو با بررسی نوشته‌های سال‌های پایانی مارکس نشان می‌دهد برخلاف برخی افسانه‌ها او به‌هیچ‌وجه کنجکاوی فکری‌اش را کنار نگذاشته بود. او در این سال‌ها به مطالعات عمیقی درباره‌ی یافته‌های تازه در انسان‌شناسی، شکل‌های اشتراکی مالکیت در جوامع پیشاسرمایه‌داری، تحولات روسیه در پی امحای سرف‌داری و زایش دولت مدرن پرداخت؛ و همچون تمام طول عمرش در حال پیگیری رویداد‌های مهم سیاست بین‌المللی و حمایت از جنبش‌های رهایی‌بخش بود.
«مارکس در واپسین سال‌ها خودمانی‌ترین دوران او نیز هست:‌ شکنندگی‌اش را در زندگی پنهان نمی‌کرد و در عین حال به مبارزه ادامه می‌داد، از شک طفره نمی‌رفت بلکه بی‌پرده با آن روبه‌رو می‌شد، به‌ جای پناه بردن به قطعیت نظرات خود و استقبال از ستایش نسنجیده‌ی نخستین "مارکسیست‌ها"، پیش بردن سریع پژوهشش را برگزید. این مارکس یکی از آن تبارِ بسیار نادر و از بیخ‌وبن شورشی است، سراسر متفاوت با تصویر ابوالهولی مرمرین که با یقینی جزمی به آینده اشاره می‌کند.»



Marx's Capital after 150 Years: Critique and Alternative to Capitalism, 1st Edition, London-New York: Routledge, 2019 Hardback (336 pages).



Faced with a new crisis of capitalism, many scholars are now looking back to the author whose ideas were too hastily dismissed after the fall of the Berlin Wall. During the last decade, Marx’s Capital has received renewed academic and popular attention. It has been reprinted in new editions throughout the world and the contemporary relevance of its pages is being discussed again. Today, Marx’s analyses are arguably resonating even more strongly than they did in his own time and Capital continues to provide an effective framework to understand the nature of capitalism and its transformations.

This volume includes the proceedings of the biggest international conference held in the world to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Capital’s publication. The book is divided into three parts: I) "Capitalism, Past and Present"; II) "Extending the Critique of Capital"; III) "The Politics of Capital". It contains the contributions of globally renowned scholars from 13 countries and multiple academic disciplines who offer diverse perspectives, and critical insights into the principal contradictions of contemporary capitalism while pointing to alternative economic and social models. Together, they reconsider the most influential historical debates on Capital and provide new interpretations of Marx’s magnum opus in light of themes rarely associated with Capital, such as gender, ecology, and non-European societies.

The book is an indispensable source for academic communities who are increasingly interested in rediscovering Marx beyond 20th century Marxism. Moreover, it will be of great appeal to students, as well as established scholars interested in critique of capitalism and socialist theory.


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Marx for Today


今日马克思, Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2019 (273 pages).
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